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            Date and Place of Birth : 24th March 1955, Corinthos - Peloponnese, Greece

            Nationality : Greek

            Marital Status : Divorced

            Languages spoken : Greek, English


            Details of Education

            Sept 1961 June 1967  : Primary School.

            Sept 1967 June 1973 : High School.

            Sept 1973 June 1977 : Entered the Greek Naval Academy and graduated as an Ensign (Engr)

            July 1981 Sept 1981   : Studied at the Damage Control Assistant School of the USN in  

                                                           Philadelphia Naval Base and graduated as a DCA Officer.

            July 1991                         : Attended the final course of the Steam Generating Plant Inspection  

                                                         School of the USN in San Diego Naval Base.

            May 2011                         : Attended the SDT-IMCS training course and  was certified as a qualified

                                                         operator for ultrasonic tightness testing of hatches.


            Details of Military Service in the Hellenic Navy

            June 1977 July 1985  : Served in the Hellenic Navy as an Engineer Officer at various types of  


            July 1985 - Sept 1989   : Served in the Hellenic Navy as Chief Engineer at Destroyers and tankers.

            Sept 1989 Aug 1995  : Served in the Hellenic Navy at the General Headquarters in Athens, the   

                                                         Salamis Naval Base and the Navy Supply Center.

            Aug 1995 July 1977   : Served at NATO AFSOUTH Headquarters at Naples, Italy, as a Navy 

                                                          Infrastructure Officer.

            July 1977 Sept 1998  : Served in the Hellenic Navy Firefighting School as a Commanding Officer.

            Sept 1998                        : Retired as a Captain.


            Details of Employment

            Jan 1999 -                 : Joined C. V. MARKOPOULIOTIS & ASSOCIATES, a firm of Marine   

                                                  Consultants and Independent Surveyors.