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            Date and Place of Birth : 7th July 1951, Athens, Greece

            Nationality : Greek

            Marital Status : Married, one child

            Languages spoken : Greek, English, German

            Membership of Technical Institutions: The Institute of Greek Engineers (TEE)

                                                                                    The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (MRINA)

                                                                                   Chartered Engineer (UK Engineering Council)


            Details of Education

            Sept 1957 – June 1963 : Primary School.

            Sept 1963 – June 1969 : 10th High School of Athens.

            Sept 1969 – June 1970 : Studied at London Academy, London.

                                                         Obtained G.C.E. “A” Level in PURE MATHEMATICS, APPLIED     

                                                         MATHEMATICS and PHYSICS.

            Sept 1970 – June 1973 : Studied at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Obtained a  

                                                         BACHELOR OF SCIENCE HONOURS DEGREE in NAVAL   

                                                         ARCHITECTURE and SHIPBUILDING

            Sept 1973 – Oct 1974   : Studied at The University College, London. Obtained a   

                                                         POSTGRATUATE DIPLOMA in OCEAN ENGINEERING and a MASTER   

                                                        OF SCIENCE DEGREE in OCEAN ENGINEERING / NAVAL ARCHITECTURE.

            July 1976                        : Passed an examination at The Technical University of Athens and was  

                                                        registered Member of The Institute of Greek Engineers.

            March 1990                    : Elected Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects and   

                                                        registered as a Chartered Engineer with the UK Engineering Council.


            Details of Training

            June 1971 – Aug 1971   : Employed by Lloyd’ s Register of Shipping, London, as an Assistant in the  

                                                          Research Department.

            June 1972 – Aug 1972   : Employed by Technical Marine Planning Ltd, Consultants, London, in their  

                                                           Design Office.

            June 1973 – Aug 1973   : Employed by Rotterdam Drydock Co. (RDM), Rotterdam, In their Drawing  


            Aug 1974 – Oct 1974     : Employed by the American Bureau of Shipping, London, as a Trainee   

                                                         Surveyor in the Plan Approval Department.


            Details of Military Service in the Hellenic Navy

            Jan 1975 – April 1975    : Officer’ s Training School.

            April 1975                         : Named Ensign Naval Architect

            April 1975 – July 1975   : Stationed at Hellenic Navy Command / Armaments Office.

            July 1975 – Sept 1977   : Stationed at Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramanga, as a Supervisor for Military Projects.


            Details of Employment

            Oct 1977 – Jan 1980     : Employed by Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramanga, as a Naval Architect in the   

                                                         New Buildings Department.

            Feb 1980 – April 1982   :  Employed by PYRSOS Shipping Co, Piraeus, as Superintendent Engineer  

                                                          responsible for a number of bulk carriers and tween deckers.

            May 1982 – Jan 1983    :  Employed by Det Norske Veritas, at Galatz, Romania, as a Surveyor  

                                                          Supervising the construction of a number of New Buildings.

            Febr 1983 – Aug 1983   :  Worked as an independent surveyor.

            Sept 1983 – Febr 1988  : Employed by Tsakos Shipping & Trading, as Superintendent Engineer  

                                                          responsible for a number of tankers and bulk carriers.

            March 1988 – Jan 1989 : Employed by Marmaras Navigation as Superintendent Engineer responsible  

                                                          for a number of tween deckers and bulk carriers.

            Febr 1989 -                      : Formed C. V. MARKOPOULIOTIS & ASSOCIATES, a firm of Marine 

                                            Consultants and Independent Surveyors.