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              C. V. Markopouliotis - BSc. MSc. MRINA CEng MTEE, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

             G. H. Atsametakis - Capt (Eng) HN (Ret), Marine Engineer



             I. Metafas  - Master Mariner, Tanker and LPG specialist

             A. Dimou   - Naval Architect, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

             I. Koukis    - Master Mariner, Tanker specialist

             A. Orfanos - Naval Architect, Yacht Osmosis detection and treatment

             B. Naddy    - Naval Architect, Yacht designer



             Prof. F.Bem                 - Phytosanitary Expert

             Prof.G.Papadimitriou   - Metallurgist

             Th. Vassilopoulos        - Chemist

             J.Brown                       - Average Adjuster



            C. V. MARKOPOULIOTIS & ASSOCIATES was established in 1989 by C.V. Markopouliotis,    

            as an independent company of Marine Consultants and Surveyors.


             C.V. Markopouliotis has a long experience in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He  

            studied in England, where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Naval Architecture and 

            Shipbuilding and a Master's Degree in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture. He is a 

            member of The Institute of Greek Engineers and  The Royal Institution of Naval Architects     

            and is registered as a Chartered Engineer with the UK Engineering Council.


            In 1989, when he established C. V. MARKOPOULIOTIS & ASSOCIATES, he had already 

            an experience of 18 years as a Superintendent Engineer and Naval Architect.

            You can have a look at his CV, by clicking  HERE.



            G.H. Atsametakis joined the company in 1999, after his retirement from the Hellenic Navy. 

            He has a total service of 25 years in the Hellenic Navy and a sea service of 11 years on     

            various types of combat vessels and fleet auxiliaries as an Engineer. 

            You can have a look at his CV by clicking  HERE



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